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Vehicle Wrapping

Many company owners don’t realise that their fleet is potentially their most effective way of advertising their company.  Our vehicle wrapping service transforms any vehicle into a full-colour mobile billboard that promotes your brand as it delivers your goods.

Your fleet will reach a far wider audience than any other kind of advertising. 
Its also very cost-effective : we guarantee that

the artwork will keep looking great for all the years you have the vehicle.

We can change any amount of the vehicle, from putting your name and logo onto a single panel, to transforming the entire vehicle.
We can change any size of vehicle, from a Berlingo van to an articulated lorry.

Vehicle wrapping has other benefits beyond promoting your company :

Fleet Operators And Dealers

We work with some major fleet operators.  We also work with dealers to wrap vehicles before registration : their clients really appreciate being able to use their new vehicle straight away, rather than loosing it for days while it is sign-written.